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Everything we do is a matter of heart, body, and soul.
Welcome to ANLI Design, a Dublin based design studio specializing in Interior Architecture and Interior Design.
Each project is different and each client's needs are unique. We offer everything from a complete design project to a small job as styling advice.
ANLI Design offers:

Revision flexibility

Free edits for you in each project

Product quality

High-end work

Fast communication

Urgent quote

Simple pricing system

Clear pricing scheme

Anli Design



You want to switch your layout around but you don't know where to start? Or you are about to move to your new home and not sure how to divide the space? Layout advice will give you that clarity.

Mood Board

2D Design of Layout

Visuals with Inspiration


We offer 2D CAD drawings to meet a variety of customer's needs by using the latest version of AutoCAD software.

2D Drafting

Technical Drawing




You want to change your house into a home, but you don't have the time, or knowledge to get done? The 3D interior advice will give you a full overview of the interior design of your new space.

Mood Board

2D Design of Layout

3D Design of New Space

Lighting Plan

Shoping List


Our 3D services range from conceptual design visualizations to architectural walkthroughs which have been successfully used to win our customer's projects and tenders.

3D Concepts

3D Visualizations


Anli Design


Excited about your design and eager to see how the finished project will look? We provide high-quality 3D visualisation services and put attention to every detail in the project to meet your expectations and satisfy with your results.

3D visualisations are the best way to bring your project alive

Anli Design

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We believe in great design which leads to better lives - we have to love where we are. Each project is considered in detail in terms of its architecture, environment use, and understanding of our client's vision.

We are here to help you style your home your way

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Anli Design


All year round - flowers will always be an essential part of our home decorations. Have you ever tried to swap out some of your flowers with artificial flowers?

Contact us to add long-lasting beauty to your home

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